Helpless Heroines specializes in the best looking women bound and gagged in a variety of ways.

Handgags, Hogtied, Spread on the Bed, Barefoot Bondage, Nude Bondage, Mouth Packing, Over-The-Mouth Gags, Humiliation, Storylines, 2 Girls Tied, 3 Girls Tied -- you name it, we've got it!

Like tape gagged women? If so, Helpless Heroines offers 30,000+ photos.
How about a tight cleave gag on a beautiful lady? If this tickles your fancy, Helpless Heroines offers 25,000+ cleave gagged images!

Can't forget the always popular ball gag can we? Helpless Heroines offers 200+ incredible photosets of ball gagged damsels!

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